Sunday, February 8, 2009


While Steve was taking the chemotherapy Temodar, he was also taking five times the normal dose of Accutane.

Accutane is usually prescribed to treat severe acne. One of its off-label uses is in the fight against brain cancer. The theory is that the Accutane tricks cancer stem cells into behaving like regular cancer cells -- making them an easier target to be killed by chemotherapy.

All that Accutane gave Steve horribly dry skin. And even now, more than two months after the last Accutane pill, his hands are dry and cracked. (There's probably more than one reason for his continued dry skin -- winter, current chemotherapy, etc.)

He's been using Aquaphor to help his skin heal faster. The consistency is similar to Vaseline, but it's not as greasy, and it seems to work much better.

At night he rubs in the ointment and then wears gloves to hold the moisture in.

We also use Aquaphor on Katie's cheeks, which get chapped after just a few minutes playing outside in winter, and on her thumb (the one she sucks) when she'll tolerate it.

Aquaphor is available at every drugstore, grocery store and big-box discount store in the Dallas area. You can use this link to search for a location near you.

A 14-0z. tub costs about $15. A little goes a long way.

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  1. And the makers of Aquaphor should be sending you some coupons or samples for writing such nice things about their product! :)