Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Relax

In the days and weeks after Steve's diagnosis, we both had some anxiety.

It would often hit when we were the most still, when we weren't working, taking care of children, cooking, eating, cleaning, reading, driving, walking, talking, shopping.

The anxiety would pounce when we tried to sleep. Our bodies needed to sleep. Our minds had other ideas. We weren't experiencing anxiety or panic attacks that might require medication. We just couldn't seem to still our minds, to relax our bodies enough to let sleep take over.

I researched relaxation CDs and chose Just Relax: Relaxing to Sleep by Gail Seymour.

We both found benefits from the CD. In fact, I've never heard the entire disc. I would always fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the spoken-word track. Steve has heard the entire disc, including the soothing, wordless music.

I haven't needed to use the CD in many months. When I do finally get to bed, it takes no time for me to fall asleep. It's nice to know we have the option, though, in case anxiety creeps back in.

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